New Procedure Regarding Recorded Title Conveyance Documents

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Due to recent changes to the way in which fees and penalties are applied to Conveyance Documents, Chaffee County is enacting the following procedures to protect customers:

  1. Per Colorado Revised Statute 39-14-102(1)(a): Every document which conveys ownership is required to submit a TD-1000 regardless of transfer price.
  2. CRS 39-13-105 provides that a Conveyance Document should not be recorded if a documentary fee applies but has not been paid and there is no evidence of the payment noted on the document as required by CRS 39-13-103. Thus, unless the conveyance is for $500 or less, Conveyance Documents will not be recorded until the fee is paid and noted.
  3. If the transfer amount on the Conveyance Document is less than $500 then the Conveyance Affidavit is required to verify the value of the transfer.
  4. For more information please contact our Recording Department at 719-530-5602, or the Assessor’s Office at 719-539-4016.

    Conveyance Affidavit


    Letter from the Chaffee County Assessor regarding Recorded Title Conveyance Documents

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