Motor Vehicle Department

Update on Motor Vehicle Services during Office Closure Due to COVID-19 April 2, 2020

Please use online services at if at all possible.

Inability to Register

County Closure: Our County offices are closed to the public but you can still renew your tags or register your vehicle. First, vehicles must be registered in the County where you live. The Chaffee County Clerk’s Office is continuing to process mail-in and online transactions. Customers can mail -in renewals to Chaffee County Clerk, PO Box 699, Salida, CO 81201.

Dealership Purchases: Customers who purchased vehicles at a dealership need to obtain another temporary permit from the dealership.

Unable to renew online: If you are unable to renew/register a vehicle, please complete this Form for a registration extension.

Temporary Vehicle registration late-fee waivers: The Chaffee County Clerk is waiving late fees for vehicle registration and renewals. This is in effect for the period of the Governor’s emergency order, plus 60 days. Customers are encouraged to use online services to complete eligible transactions. Customers can also mail in their renewal card and a check to Chaffee County Clerk, PO Box 699, Salida, CO, 81201.

We are here to help. If you need more information email Lori Mitchell at or call and leave a message at the Salida office at 539-4004 or the Buena Vista office at 395-8296.


Dealership Purchases: Customers who purchased vehicles at a dealership can obtain another temporary permit from the dealership.

Dealer Titles: Dealers will still be able to process Dealer Resale and Duplicate titles via mail. Dealers should send titles, appropriate accompanying documents and a separate check of $25.00 for each Dealer Resale title and $8.20 or $7.20 (whichever is applicable per DR 2539A) for Duplicate title transactions to:

Colorado Department of Revenue
VSS/BOC Room 147
PO Box 173350
Denver, CO 81217-3350

The process and requirements remain the same for Dealer Resale and Duplicate title processing, other than the mode of submission is now only via mail. Dealers may include prepaid FedEx envelopes for expedited returns.

All other dealer title transactions must be sent to the County in which the customer resides. Motor Vehicle dealers are asked to submit mortgage mail paperwork via USPS during the COVID-19 closure, to ensure that it is delivered. Delivers using UPS, FedEx, etc. that require signatures should not be used as not all counties are open or receiving mail in this manner.

Questions should be directed to: (303) 205-5608.

New Online Services

Now you can complete many tasks online at

Go to to do any of the following:

  • Add/change a vehicle address
  • Renew a vehicle registration
  • Submit a first time vehicle registration – If you have purchased a new vehicle from a dealer and you have a loan, the dealer will send our office the paperwork. Once we have processed your paperwork, we will mail you a postcard called a TITLE COMPLETE NOTICE. Use the notice to register your vehicle for the first time.
  • Request a duplicate title
  • Estimate registration fees
  • Request a duplicate registration card
  • Apply or manage your disability placards
  • Get a transaction receipt
  • Check a title status

Proof of Insurance Requirements

  • Vehicles must be covered by auto insurance before they can be registered.
  • If state records indicate a vehicle is not insured in Colorado, proof of insurance must be provided.
  • Insurance card, copy of insurance policy or letter from your insurance company on the company’s letterhead including a description of the vehicle with the following: year, make, model, vehicle identification number (VIN), effective date and expiration of the policy.
  • Insurance must be Colorado Insurance
Questions about Proof of Insurance for Registration Renewals

Even if you have provided proof of insurance in the past, you may be asked to provide it again if your insurance carrier has not transmitted data for your proof of insurance to the State of Colorado.

Insurance companies are required by law to provide necessary information on their policy holders to the State database by the seventh day of each month.

If your insurance company has not submitted this information in time, you will need to provide proof of insurance to our office by mail, fax, in-person or by email attachment displayed on a smartphone in our office, before your registration can be renewed.

Contact your insurance company to provide proper verification.

**Note: The effective date on your insurance document must be current (i.e. the coverage can’t start on a day in the future.)

***New Law: You must have Colorado Insurance to register your vehicle, even for residents just moving into the State.

List of IDs that are accepted at our offices