Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Go to iCounty.org to sign-up and pay by credit card.

Charge per day (24-hour period): $25.00
Charge per print: $0.25

If a yearly subscription is desired, please contact Lori Mitchell, County Clerk and Recorder at (719) 539-4004. For more information regarding online document searches contact the recording department by phone at (719) 530-5602.

Common reasons for documents to be rejected:

  • Insufficient Funds. Fees are $13.00 for first page and $5.00 for each additional page.
  • Document must have a one inch margin across the top of EACH page
  • Grantee(s) address must be on the face of ALL Deeds
  • Purchase price NOT on the face of the Deed
  • Does the Clerk and Recorder’s Office do lien searches?

Persons desiring a lien search may conduct a self search, or may choose to hire a title company to conduct the search. The County Recorder’s Office does NOT do lien or record searches.

A return address should be either written clearly on the back of each document or noted in the cover letter. No return envelope is required but is appreciated.

Copies of recorded documents cost $0.25 per page and $1.00 certification fee per document. Plat copies are $5.00 per page.

Real estate forms may be purchased through a Title Company.

Documents which convey ownership


TD-1000 and Conveyance Affidavits

  1. Per Colorado Revised Statute 39-14-102(1)(a): Every document which conveys ownership is required to submit a TD-1000 regardless of transfer price.
  2. CRS 39-13-105 provides that a Conveyance Document should not be recorded if a documentary fee applies but has not been paid and there is no evidence of the payment noted on the document as required by CRS 39-13-103. Thus, unless the conveyance is for $500 or less, Conveyance Documents will not be recorded until the fee is paid and noted.
  3. If the transfer amount on the Conveyance Document is less than $500 then the Conveyance Affidavit is required to verify the value of the transfer.